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Do you want to get more customers and increase sales without investment? The professional module of the affiliate program allows you to organize a full-fledged multi-level affiliate program in the store and flexibly customize it to suit your goals.


You can implement a multi-level (up to 9 levels) affiliate program
You can allow participation in the affiliate program for some groups of customers and prohibit other groups
You can allow participation in the affiliate program only for customers who have made a certain number of orders in the store
The administrator can set a different percentage of deductions for different groups of partners
The administrator can set a different percentage of deductions for products from different categories
The administrator has the ability to flexibly configure the registration of partners in the store
Pre-validation of registered partners by the administrator is possible
The administrator has the ability to flexibly manage registered partners: block accounts, delete from the affiliate program, change sponsor
The administrator can upload advertising banners to promote any page of the store by partners
You can incentivize customers with discount coupons for the first order to register in the store
Customization of an invite code (coupon) is possible for each partner's
client capabilities by linking to sponsor an invite code when placing the order directly in the admin store
may limit the bonus accrual of only the first N orders of each involved client
can prevent the bonus on the sale of promotional products (for which there are discounts)
You can prohibit the accrual of a bonus for orders placed using a discount coupon
Detailed statistics on the balance of partners in the store admin panel (requires the installation of an additional module)
Detailed statistics on the withdrawal of reward by partners in the store admin
Full list of affiliate program participants in the store admin The store
administrator himself determines the status of orders, at which the partner remuneration for the sale
is accrued.The administrator determines the statuses of the orders in which the partner remuneration is written off (in the case of the client's return of the goods) The
partner remuneration can be calculated both with and without taxes
Store administrator defines up to 5 options partner remuneration of their choice
the administrator sets the minimum amount to pay the partner reward, not to overload the "penny" benefit
administrator will be sent email-notification after partner orders the payment of remuneration
The administrator can send letters to any affiliate marketer or to all partners at once
The Administrator can customize the display of an advertising banner in the partners' offices
In order to protect the personal data of clients, the administrator can hide the display of emails and full names of attracted partners in the sponsor's partner office
Partners can spend earned bonuses on purchases in the store - money DOES NOT LEAVE the store! (requires additional module installation)

How it works: The
partner invites visitors to the store. They register with the store and can buy something. As soon as customers place an order on the site, which is confirmed, their sponsor (partner) receives a reward (bonus). You can attract customers at a maximum of seven levels, and the reward is charged for all purchases of the attracted customers, and not only for the first one (but it is possible to limit only the first N-purchases of each customer).

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