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Micro-Offers: my proven formula to create the perfect offer (get this wrong and you’re toast).
Micro-Marketing: the only time you should post on social media (social media can make or break your business)
Micro-Launch: the “No-Launch”, Launch: My proven method for creating profit – from scratch – in 24 hours.
Micro-Memberships: The right way to launch a membership site or continuity program (miss this crucial step and you’ll struggle to fill your group with more than 5 members!)
Micro-Certifications: How to turn your IP into a profitable certification that’ll convert 7X higher than other offers and has built-in recurring revenue
Micro-Metrics: forget all the complex metrics. You really only need to know these 3 numbers.
Micro-Managing: When to outsource and what you can do yourself (goodbye platform nightmares!)
Micro-Coaching: How to sell coaching – and the right way to stand out from the crowd
Micro-Email: How to generate an extra 5-figures from EVERY email you send.. in just 3 minutes
Micro-Branding: The one tiny tweak I made which added an extra $79,812 in monthly revenue
Too much more to list there…

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