Michel Sirois – Solo Ads Profit Builder

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Michel Sirois – Solo Ads Profit Builder

How is your traffic? Do you have any? Have you been struggling to get leads that BUY?

You probably realized by now that Google Ads and Facebook ads are too costly for ‘Internet Marketing’ stuff…

You probably realized that free traffic methods are not as effective as marketers claim…

Maybe you even tried every traffic method known to man so far?

What-ever your reason is, I get it… I’ve been there too in the beginning of my online journey, many times, believe me…


– As of lately, people are going back to ‘Solo Ads’, due to the low cost of clicks I would assume…

What are Solo Ads Exactly?

– Solo ads are email-based advertisements you buy from other email list owners. They’re typically sent as dedicated emails – so the entire message is all about your offer. While other businesses can make use of solo ads, they’re most popular among affiliates and information marketers, in niches such as: ‘Make money online’, ‘Biz Op’, ‘MLM’, ‘Software’, ‘Personal development’, ‘get traffic’, just to name a few…

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