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I am selling ManyVids accounts or credits (your choice) for 70% off. You will be paying 70$ for every 100$ worth of credits.

For safety reasons, and just because it's good business, I will be selling you a fresh account with the credits loaded onto it. I will not be logging into your existing account.

The credits can be used to buy any model's videos, or store merch, or really anything. It is within your 'MV Wallet.'

I can offer a 3-day (72 hours) warranty on the account in case anything goes wrong with the account, though there should zero issues.

This price is not exactly 30$, and I prefer that you message me here on Bitify first, to specify how much in credits you want.
I will then make a private listing for that exact amount and charge you 30% worth of your desired amount of credits. Thanks!

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