Lethal Texting That Leads to Sex 💬🗨️💋 | Vince Kelvin

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Lethal Texting That Leads to Sex | Vince Kelvin

Women seem to spend their entire day on the phone, BUT they still don’t text or call you back!
Or if they do, they suddenly stop when you start to suggest hanging out!And that is because men and women are different in the way they approach using the phone! So if you are FED UP with collecting numbers that lead nowhere…If you’ve HAD IT with getting your hopes up only to have girls flake…

INTRODUCING FOR 1st TIME EVER THE flawless legendary texting system I learned from girls:


Ok, am known as the most sexually active PUA coach ever, in all modesty, my thing is sex! But am seeing so many stumble and struggle AFTER GETTING THE NUMBER, even though I never wanted to be known for it, it’s at this point unfair for me to keep this completely different pure gold system to get to sex via text just to myself.

At a Bootcamp last year, after a student witnessed the magic when within minutes from gathering 10 phone numbers, I texted all of them and all replied within the same minute that my texts were sent! I then realized that what to me seemed normal was surreal for someone for whom most numbers never turn into anything! I then dived in for over a year to specifically identify all the differences between my ways of texting and how guys who are frustrated do it.

I refined the system and shared it only twice and will keep it at this, as I just wanted to pass on this gift to you then get back to sex!Both audiences in SF and LA witnessed immediate major improvement, right after the class, and you get front seat, with the added bonus of being able to pause, drill, and review as you please!

On this original 4 video set you will learn:

How to trigger and evoke texting continuity!
How to text within 10 minutes without seeming needy!
The most potent text to guarantee an immediate reply!
Tons of cool replies to whatever girls may be texting back!
How to deal with and differ last minute cancelation!
Ninja ways to escalate from text, all the way to sex!
Vince’s Multi-dimensional texting chart…

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