LATEST Shopify Turbo 6 Theme Collection | Worth $2000+

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LATEST Shopify Turbo 6.0.3 Theme Collection | Worth $2000+ | JULY 2020 Release

It Includes the Complete Turbo Collection. It has 7 different themes.

1. Turbo (General)
2. Turbo Portland
3. Turbo Florence
4. Turbo Dubai
5. Turbo Seoul
6. Turbo Tennessee
7. Turbo Chicago

They are worth of 2000+ dollars. All in one package.

** Built for Speed. Designed with care.

Turbo is a fully-loaded theme that can easily accommodate high volume, large catalog shops including Shopify Plus merchants. But it's also an excellent choice for any size shop that's looking for an edge - one that won't sacrifice style and flexibility for enhanced performance. We update the theme on a regular basis, so all Turbo shops can continually benefit from new feature additions at no extra cost.

** Turbo: A Sparkling Success

Turbo was embraced from day one, with its remarkable performance optimization, in-demand features and rich design flexibility. But even more impressive than the initial sales were the repeat orders - merchants coming back to buy Turbo to use on another shop, configuring it differently to give it a whole new look and feel, but with the same solid foundation and performance.

** Turbo is all that. And then some.

> Sport and Ludicrous Speed modes
> Dynamically minified HTML
> Lazy loading, optimized images responsive to all screen sizes
> Instantaneous page transitions for ultra-fast navigation
> Accelerated Quick View functionality
> Predictive (live) search
> Enhanced mobile browsing experience and performance
> Highly configurable full-width slideshow and banner image sections with multiple action buttons, text and color settings
> High-impact promotional sections with a wide variety of display options
> Versatile navigation configuration, including multiple menus and logo alignment options
> Extendable mega menu with multi-column submenus
> Dismissable promotional banner
> Animated, interactive mini cart
> Multiple, configurable page templates for more advanced layouts
> Expanded styling options for newsletter signup
> Video banner section with support for YouTube, Vimeo, and native MP4 videos

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