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Khe Hy – Supercharge Your Productivity Premium Track (Using Notion)
What You Get:

Align your Actions to Your Values
Before we dive into systems and workflows, we need to zoom out with a critical question. The keys to the castle behind getting more done, realistic prioritizationandeffective time management all start with why. You’ll adapt Toyota’s TPS methodology of the 5 Whys that can be applied to every dimension of your life.
Challenging the Status Quo with $10K Questions
“The quality of your life is measured by the quality of your questions.” Yet with age our curiosity and discernment plummet, leaving us stuck in the wrong jobs or chasing achievements (and assets) that we don’t truly want. You’ll learn how a simple set of questions, including “Am I playing the right game” and “What if this was easy?” can focus you on your most important (and joyful) activities.
Put Your Goals and Habits on Auto-Pilot
In a recent survey of RadReaders, 84% did not set or hit their 2021 goals. (I know, shocking for a group of high performers.) You’ll learn that the missing ingredients to effortlessly hitting your (big hairy audacious) goals are systems and habits.
Nail the “Important, but not Urgent”
We all know those super important parts of our lives that we hit snooze on. Whether it’s one-on-one time with your kids, learning to be a better writer or getting quality sleep – the lack of deadlines make it too easy to hit the snooze button. You’ll learn how setting up domains can prevent this blind spot. You’ll also learn the atelic/telic framework to reframe the non-productive moments of your life and truly give yourself permission to relax.
$10K Work Mastery – Using leverage to maximize your personal ROI
The special (yet overlooked) ingredient to most productivity frameworks is leverage. You’ll learn how to apply this force multiplier so that you can keep your career, business and projects growing while you’re not working. You’ll also create a GTD-style task manager to ruthlessly and realistically plan and prioritize your actions across all areas of your life and work – so you can easily identify and switch between competing priorities.
The Playbook for Becoming a Leverage Machine
Learn how to apply the $10K Work philosophy across your life. You’ll analyze real-world examples of entrepreneurs who scaled their companies, managers who lead high-performing teams and how to make your bucket list a reality. You’ll even learn the simple act of writing high-leverage emails and building your network using the strength of weak ties.
Stack the Deck in Your Favor with $10K Task Management
There’s finally, a task management philosophy that eliminates the cognitive overload and reduces the amount of time spent asking yourself “What should I be working on?” Khe will distill 25 years of productivity research into an actionable set of principles around energy management, avoiding due dates and using meta-data so that the right tasks always find you.
A system you can trust. A system that sticks.
The Weekly Review is the keystone habit that brings everything together. (Yet it’s a habit that eludes pretty much all high-performers.) You’ll learn how to de-construct the Weekly Review into four distinct parts so that you can set the right priorities and actually keep yourself accountable. You’ll learn how get “on top of things” and “in control” of your life – and never slip back into fire-fighting mode ever again.
Built-for-you life dashboard in Notion
We’re building a Notion Life Dashboard for you so you can design your personalized system right away, without tinkering in Notion. This isn’t your typical $5 Notion template: you’ll get the exact productivity HQ that coincides with all of the key foundations of the course, and you can’t find this anywhere else.
In the past, we took students through the process of building their own personalized dashboard from scratch. But during this cohort, you’ll be able to start with a solid foundation (because we made it for you).
Don’t worry, though: If you’re taking the course so you can learn the ins and outs in Notion, you’ll have the opportunity to build from scratch within one of our Notion-themed pods. But if you’d rather not start with a blank page, this is for you.
8 self-paced Notion activity worksheets
The course is relentlessly pragmatic and we’ll always push you to put your learnings into practice with these pre-made worksheets. They will help you deconstruct and identify your Keystone habits, set 2022 Goals, create your anti-task list and identify your “Important, but not Urgent” domains so that these activities become second nature.
5+ Industry-specific expert workflow demos from our team
Seeing examples of productivity systems in action is one of the best ways to learn. You’ll get an inside look at how members of our team designed and personalized their own productivity systems in Notion so that you never have to build from scratch and can borrow ideas for your own use case. During these live sessions you’ll learn how to build knowledge management databases, meal plans, small business dashboards, and SOPs in Notion. You’ll also discover how to use a daily journal database for habit tracking, accountability, and reflection.

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