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Your official membership portal for all of our Facebook Friday, Tech Tuesday and Bi-weekly call recordings. Also bonus content and Mindset Mondays

with Frank Kern!

As well as a bonus index with descriptions, event information, and more!!!

Frank Kern is a seriously successful business guy because he is mad talented in marketing. He’s using principles of sales that have worked for a long time but applied to the modern era of internet marketing.

Some of the key things you learned inside the Inner Circle are:

1.) Frank’s interesting way to compound the power of any offer, he’s calling it the Close-Stacking. Those that follow Frank may recognize what this might be, how he reveals things at the end of the sale to make his offers almost irresistible.

2.) The Ultimate Offer Formula which is the “Pitch anything to anyone” formula. Frank is definitely great at pitching.

3.) The 6 steps to go big online (magic steps)

4.) Power Positioning: Establishing yourself as trustworthy, credible premiere brand online (become an author)

You also get some courses about mindset.

All of this delivered to you as your initial training, to be part of the inner circle there are few different price points of $500, $750, or $1000 per month.

This is very good quality training by Frank.

I love the interview he did with Karl, whom he helped scale his coaching business right above $5 million.

He’s someone that knows what he’s doing in internet marketing if you’ve been part of any of his email marketing or went through any of his funnels, you would see that he knows how to maximize traffic by implementing various things that incorporate the 4 principles above.

Such as including a webinar in his funnel sequence to increase credibility & authority. Or how Frank uses certain copy to boaster his click-through rates.

He goes deep into the psychology of why his sales tactics work time & time again.

These are skills that can be applied in any & all industries.

I’m a big fan of sales mentors like Grant Cardone & Jordan Belfort, Frank Kern is of that caliber but with all the bells and whistles of the modern era. How to apply sales strategies effectively to the modern day of funnels & email marketing.


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