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Plan: Hulu Live TV

Replacement Warranty: 1 Month

Subscribtion: $44.99/mo

NOTE: Hulu only lets you stream on 1 Home Device only, home device aka Smart TV, Fire Stick, Android TV, PS4, XBOX etc. What it does is it binds to a postal code (as it says) but it binds to the Home Wifi Router of the Owner, and only devices connected to it can use it, so you won't be able to stream anything on your Smart TV etc, as it will need that Wifi device to authenticate and allow streaming.

This doesn't apply to Portable aka MobileDevices, you can stream on Mobile and Computers with no issue at all. They come under mobile devieces not Home Device. So purchase only if you agree to this, I won't be able to replace or refund with this reason.

Note: If Escrow is used, Sale will be canceled and refunded to buyer.

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