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Item description

πŸ’Ό What will be required of you?
- After payment you will be given a "Unique code".
- This code must be reported to the seller to verify it.
- Within 1-3 minutes we will add the disk to your account.
- After connecting, you will have an additional section, which will become available in the menu.
* The main drive will remain the same with you.
* Access to files on the disk will be available only to you if you do not share the files yourself.

πŸ“„ When purchasing a product, please indicate:
- Your mail name.
* You must specify the gmail to which you want to connect Google Drive in the column: "Enter the name of your mail."
- Desired disc name.
* Optionally, you can also indicate the name of your Google drive in the column: "Enter the desired drive name".

πŸ“¦ After payment you will receive:
- Lifetime cloud storage Google Drive to your mail which was indicated when purchasing the product.
* You can use the disk immediately after adding it by the seller to your mail.
- Payment is made as a one-time payment, no further withdrawals for the disk will be charged.
- It is allowed to upload all your desired files to disk, which are not prohibited by Google policy (any files, text, information, data ...)

* Warranty for the provided product.
* This is not an account, but a drive connection to your mail.

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