FinTech : QR Code Based Mobile Payment System

FinTech : QR Code Based Mobile Payment System
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Item description

QR code basics and its implementation in Digital Payments and Transactions. In the digital world, FinTech, Digital Banking, and Digital Finance are all called “FinTech.”
What you’ll learn
A payment method based on QR Codes. A class on the digital and cashless economy.
You can pay with BharatQR, mVISA and Masterpass. You can also use Alipay and chat with us. The QR code system lets you pay for things.
A look at how QR codes can be used to pay.
Verification in the use of QR codes for payment
A QR Code is a type of bar code.
Paying with a QR Code
Both the customer and the merchant had their own ideas about how to make the QR
Security and the Problems
QR Code vs. NFC payment: Which is better?
FinTech, In this case, digital banking, digital finance, financial technology, and payment processing.

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