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Please do not buy if you do not know how to geo locate , if you do not know how to geolocate you will not be able to do anything

you will get
account login
account password

What is geolocation? and why do i need to know this?

Geolocation is how these websites verify the owner of the acccount . so lets say for example the account holder lives in the zipcode
33131 . then every time he logs in from his house ( which will be zipcode 33131) he will be able to login without any further verification message .
How do i geo locate?
its easy , all you have to do is do a spokeo search or intelius search on this persons email or login
for example lets say you use intelius . then you do a search for his email and then the persons personal information will show up
you will get his name , email , phone # , address , zip code . all of this information you will get it .
then what you do is you need a clean socks5 proxy . you can get them from 911 socks , or luxsocks.ru dont use vpn72 socks they are bad . so these websites allow you to search by zipcode ... you already got the zipcode from the intelius search . so then you connect to the socks5 and now you are geolocated . so when you try to login to this account you will not get a further verify message .
you need to know how to geolocate to login and even to cashout .

if you do not know how to do this , please do not buy this listing . i have had way to many new people that dont have the knowledge buy these accounts and do a refund .

if you have any questions telegram me

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