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Step by Step Strategy for High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)

We are proud to present the first Ebook release which is exclusively available through this website. “Make Money Great Again 1” offers a simple step by step guide on how you can earn money with HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs).

The E-book contains essential information on the following subjects:

General Information about HYIPs (Definition & Business Models)

Get an Idea of what a HYIP is so that you can evaluate if this kind of investment is interesting for you. This E-book shows you the risks and the advantages.

Is a HYIP paying?

As you know, there are a lot of scam websites & monitors out there. This E-book shows a good way to predict if a HYIP is paying or not.

How to calculate the lifetime of a HYIP?

This E-book shows you how to find and analyse available online data, so that you can statistically forecast the lifetime of a HYIP. No need to be good in math, it’s an easy step by step description.

How to calculate the risk of investing in a HYIP plan?

This E-book shows you how to easily calculate the Risk-Factor of an investment. You can see how this is done with 3 Examples.

How do I setup my money management?

Money Management is a very important issue for every Investor. This E-book shows you an easy way to organize it with a simple Risk-Profit Ratio formula.

How buyers can benefit from this E-book:

Minimize the risk of HYIP investing.

Build your own HYIP investing strategy.

Know the risk of HYIP investing.

You can generate HYIP signals and trading ideas with this method. You can distribute or even sell the results of your analysis.

You get free updates & revisions of this E-book without limit.

Buyers can join our HYIP investment signals mailing list for free.

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