eBay – HIGH limit 25k account – With free stealth guide

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You will receive:
1x eBay.com US stealth account with HIGH limits of $25,000 PER MONTH
1x Gmail access for eBay stealth account
1x Google voice access for eBay stealth account (YOU CAN BEAT EBAY/PAYPAL SMS VERIFICATION INSTANTLY)
1x Short and to the point guide on keeping the account stealth

Ultimately it is up to you how you run the account, if you are not sure how to keep the account stealth I can help with that. Just send me a message and I will gladly assist you. You are however required to follow the guide provided so it should not be a problem.
You will need to link the account to a paypal of your choice that has never been used with eBay before for cashing out. I leave it like this for your convenience as the name on the eBay account will be random. You wouldn't want a paypal under this name unless you have supporting documents for it. I leave this up to you but I suggest you instead create a new business paypal with the same gmail account provided. This way you can always create an LLC later on to use for the supporting documents if the time comes.

NOTE: If you fail to release escrow after receiving your account or try to scam me I will have the account flagged and indefinitely suspended.


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