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DesiTorrents (DT) is a well-known private general tracker for Desi stuffs & it's very good for Bollywood , Tollywood, and all types of Sufi, Bengali & other types of movies.

They got a long period of downtime (speaking of the closage of old domain & now it returned back with a new working domain ( with a new look/style.

When they returned back , they opened their doors for free registrations without invitations or so.. but now they closed it again & members limit has been reached.

The new tracker got their internal releases (DTOne) for the Bollywood movies uploads & many releases are being uploaded daily.

Maintain ratio is easy as they got Bonus point system implemented where you can buy invites , extra GBs to your upload count.

DT is a Desi tracker mainly for people from India , Pakistan and countries around it as they got huge collection of Desi stuffs like movies, music , TV show, porn.

I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots

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