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Marketplace v2.0 is written in PHP with Laravel framework. Its using latest standards for encryption (like Sodium library) and security. Its made without use of JavaScript, so its optimized for TOR, but can also be ran normally like any other web app (as you can see on demo).


VPS with at least 2GB of RAM
Daemon for each coin that is enabled on marketplace

Server requirements: (what software is needed on VPS)
PHP 7 (recommended and tested on 7.2)
SQL Database (MySQL,PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server)
Elasticsearch (Search interface that will keep track of search records and provide great search performance)
Redis (Optional, but will greatly increase app performance )


Category system is very dynamic. Categories can be nested indefinitely. Creating, deleting and editing of categories is handled in admin panel.

Detailed home page
There is placeholder text on the home page at the moment that will represent most important features of your marketplace.
On top of that, all users can see Top Vendors (Vendors with most sales), Latest Orders (Products of orders completed most recently, as well as order value, but no information about buyer or seller), Rising Vendors (Vendors with most sales in specified time frame, defaults to 7 days).
Official mirrors is place where you can specify on what other links your website can be reached.

Password reset
Password can be reseted with PGP Key added on account (more about PGP below) or with Mnemonic key provided during signup. Mnemonic key is shown only once and should be written down on paper. During signup it is hashed (bcrypt) instantly and only stored in operating memory for the short time during display after which is cleared from memory manually as addition to automatic PHP Garbage Collection.

Each user can add their on PGP key which is used for multiple features. Vendors must have PGP and 2FA enabled before they are allowed to upgrade from user to vendor status. If you have active PGP key you can reset your password with it or enable 2FA for your login. Each PGP key must be confirmed before is linked to account, and if you want to add new key you must first sign a message from the old one.
Messages can also be encrypted with user's PGP key if its present (this is not enforced, its user's choice).

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

If user has PGP key linked to their account, they can enable 2FA. If enabled, login to marketplace will be prevented unless randomly generated message is signed from the key.


Buyers do not need to save product links for later. On each product there is "Add to wishlist" button that can be used, and they are stored in user's personal list for later.


Normal users cannot post products on Marketplace. In order to post products you must become vendor. Before you can upgrade you must have PGP key and 2FA Enabled in your profile. Vendor price can be set in marketplace config. Vendor can use any of the coins available to purchase vendor status. Out of each vendor sale, a percentage of sale value goes to marketplace addresses.

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