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Dear Friend,

Ever wonder why some people are so charismatic, so magnetic, so compelling that others just gravitate toward them? How those people can lead groups of people to far corners of the world and get them to do the craziest things ever?

Now, I’m not saying that’s a good thing. If you actually did have a goal of leading a bunch of people out into the middle of the desert to wait for aliens to come and rescue them, I’d recommend professional help.

But consider this. Why do people follow such crazy cult leaders? How in the heck to they become convinced that there is a hidden spaceship behind a comet that is going to rescue them for their miserable Earthly lives?

Structure Vs. Content
One of the most powerful ideas in hypnosis is the idea of structure vs. content. This pops up all over the place once you understand the hypnotic structure of human existence.

Cult Content
What is the content of most cults? The actual idea that they are organized around? It’s usually something too nutty to even make a sci-fi movie about, let alone build an organization around. Something so out there, you’d think that EVERYBODY involved must be crazy.

But Some Cults Get Amazingly Wealthy!
Yet, some of the RICHEST cults around, are the ones with the CRAZIEST ideas. So crazy they CAN’T be true. So there must be something else going on. Something that most people miss.

Secrets of Modeling
One of the hidden and misunderstood tricks inside the whole mishmash of NLP (which has kind of turned into a cult on it’s own…) is the idea of modeling. Of looking at somebody and copying their behavior. This is how you learned to walk, to talk, even to tie your shoes.

Copy Cat People
In fact, for most of history, most human learning came through modeling. But then some goof thought it would be a good idea to force kids to sit in uncomfortable chairs and listen to boring people lecture us about boring things all day. Before our modern educational system, ALL learning came from modeling.

Early Childhood Modeling
When we were kids, we looked at the grownups around us, and tried to copy what they were doing. Walking and talking and everything else. The older we got, the more we wanted to copy the adults who seemed to be enjoying what they were doing.

Young Adult Apprentices
If we wanted a job, we’d have to find some guy or gal who was kind enough to let us copy them. In exchange, we’d sweep up their shop and do their dirty work. Over the years, we’d soon become a master ourselves.

Selective Modeling
But we can take this normally unconscious process, and take it apart. So we can look at somebody, and only copy the stuff we WANT to copy. Keep the good stuff and leave the junk behind.

So, This Cult Thing?
That’s what we’ve done with this course. Forget about the crazy ideas those cult leaders are preaching. That’s like the yucky stuff inside the candy. We don’t need that junk. We only want the good stuff. Now, what in the F… can be good about a cult?

Cult Leaders Are Insanely Charismatic
In order to get normal people to believe in insane craziness, you’ve got to have some SERIOUS charisma! Consider this mind experiment: Suppose an average cult leader decided he DIDN’T want to be a cult leader anymore. He wanted to go into real estate. What would happen?

How To Make A Fortune
If you could take the cult leader skills, but live a normal life, you’d be unstoppable! If convincing people to go out into the desert and wait for flying saucers was possible, how many houses could you sell? How popular would you be at parties? What would your social life be like?

What’s Included
The course manual will include all the information you need. All the understandings necessary. All the deep meanings behind the similar structures which you’ll begin to see everywhere.

You’ll also get detailed tour of human history, human nature, why and how humans get together in certain groups. The truth of our economic and monetary systems. The way to communicate this knowledge to others, so you’ll be considered an authority.

To make it easy, you’ll also learn plenty of easy exercises you can start doing today to build up your cult leader magnetism and energy. How to easily reframe conversations so you will always be in an authoritative position. How to frame your advice, no matter how small or large, so it will always be acted upon.

Easy ways to start talking to people, simple questions to ask that will make YOU the authority in their lives. To make YOU the one who they will see as having all the answers. And after you understand the intellectual ideas in the course, you will.

Got any questions? Send them my way, I'm happy to answer them.

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