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Hustlers University is an online academy that promises to teach high-paying skills that you can then turn into a source of wealth. It’s making waves due to the frequent student success stories and mass viral marketing that Tate is so good at.

It’s a money-focused community of “experts” teaching 100,000 worldwide students different money making skills like copywriting, digital marketing, SEO, eCommerce, and crypto – among others.

The goal is to help people start making money online as fast as possible.

It was founded in 2021 as a successor to one of Tate’s other products: The War Room. He is basically promising that he can teach anyone to make money online via “passive income”.

The business model is simple: Get students in, push them to promote the product, pay 50% commission, then watch as frequent student success stories skyrocket sales.

Who is Hustlers University Made For?
Hustlers University claims to be made for anyone that wants to learn to make money online, especially beginners with no prior experience.

Tate claims that he can help you make money online from day 1 with high-paying skills…but I personally don’t believe that’s true.

Tate definitely teaches a lot about multiple different business models, and unlike most other online programs, he does offer private Discord servers so everyone can interact regularly.

However, most of this info is available for free elsewhere and many of his teachings are outdated or not viable long-term. Again, I really feel like Tate is all about building a mass following and expaning his personal brand and business ventures rather than giving the best advice to young guys that look up to him

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