Amazon Prime US/UK 1 Month Prime made with gmail

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Item description buyer account, Amazon Prime 1 month included.
I will create US amazon by default if you don't mention if the order is for .com or

You will receive email address and password of Amazon account and a email account (Outlook/Yahoo/Mail etc.)

No replacement or refund allowed.

Before buying note this:
For security reasons and misuse of someone's credit card amazon always blocks order placed on a new account through credit card.
You should only place orders via prepaid card or amazon giftcard in a new account.
Also the chances of account getting locked increases if you place digital orders such as amazon giftcard, playstation giftcard, google play giftcard etc. So, it is advised to not place any digital orders in these amazon accounts as no replacement will be provided for such.

If you are looking for strong amazon account, by strong I mean accounts which won't lock you out for using a credit card, then you will need amazon accounts with few orders placed via giftcard. Unfortunately I don't have such accounts for sale and this account will only be good for placing orders via amazon giftcard.

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