Agency Cashflow Roadmap

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Item description

What you will get inside the agency cashflow roadmap

Module 1 - The Basics
✅ Golden Research Strategies, to find that information prospects HAVE TO react to
✅ An Experts Landing Page to easily convince prospects you’re the real deal
✅ A Pricing Calculator to generate the maximum amount to charge

Module 2 - Zero to First Client
✅ The Unshakeable Niche-Finding Formula to help you KNOW the most profitable niche for you
✅ Hooking Scripts to get your first client when you have 0 results or experience
✅ Platinum Positioning Plays to EASILY get your first client without any testimonials, case studies, or referrals

Module 3 - From 1 Client to $10k/month
✅ The Fake Video Audit Method which gets INSANE reply rates
✅ My personal “Embarrassing truth” Client Attraction Script
✅ High-Leverage Systems & processes that let you complete tasks on autopilot, while you focus on what actually matters without the stress of constant chaos
✅ Client Retention Systems to keep them paying, month after month

Module 4 - $10k to $25k per month
✅ An Irresistible Deal Structure prospects have a hard time saying no to
✅ Natural-looking Email Drip Campaigns, to separate yourself from the competition who use basic copy-paste scripts
✅ Referral Partnerships to skyrocket your leads

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