AdonyxMen – God Like Physique – Connor Murphy


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AdonyxMen - God Like Physique - Connor Murphy

Get A God-Like Physique Now For The Lowest Price It Will EVER Be!
IMPORTANT! READ THIS!: Everything You Will Receive With The Adonyx Method Plays A Key Role In Growing Your Physique To It's Extreme Potential...

Aesthetic Blueprint
My unconventional system for building the body that makes millions of women go absolutely apeshit. And what women want anyway.

Accelerated Gains
The vast majority of guys that hit the gym are growing at 20-30% of the potential. Here’s exactly what I use to double or triple that growth rate. Hint: It’s not working “harder”.

Automatic Fat Loss
What’s the point of muscle if it’s hiding behind mounds of flab. This is the exact method I use whenever I need to take the pounds off. And KEEP them off.

​PLUS: How I burn fat in my sleep.
What NOT to Do
Spoiler Alert: Don’t do Cardio. Plus 3 other common fitness myths that are absolutely poison for your body.

Adonyx Workout
The science-backed “simple” workout that I personally created to get the body I have now. Customized for both beginners and guys who already lift. Do this and only this.

Aesthetic gains explained:
How to build a ton of sexy muscle in record time without the time consuming plateaus.
How to build MASSIVE muscle where it counts without becoming a complete fat-a**. And how to accelerate muscle growth where girls really want it: Pecs, Traps, Biceps.
No-BS Guide to Getting Shredded As F*ck
Getting that ripped, lean look that makes girls throw dollar bills at your six-pack can be one of the hardest things to accomplish…but it doesn’t have to be.

From Beginner To Adonyx
If you’re SKINNY, this is for you. If you’re FAT, this is for you. If you’re “AVERAGE”, this is for you too.
​The complete science-backed roadmap for personal body transformation no matter where you’re starting from.

The true winners in the gym (and in life) have rock-solid mindsets that push them to go above and beyond whatever body goals they set for themselves.
Supplement Guide
Everything I know about what supplements matter and which ones you should never even think of touching.

If you don’t give your body the nutrition it needs to grow, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the gym. My unconventional approach to getting the nutritional fuel you need without making it hard for yourself.

he underlying goal for this entire program is to build yourself an aesthetic physique that girls crave. Right?

That means having a ripped chest, shoulder boulders, arms, legs, calves, abnominals, back, traps.... (oh wait, that is every part of you)

And NOT juicy bodybuilder/freakish looking... I mean, clean, ripped, chiseled... aesthetically pleasing as fuck.

At each expertise level you will experience incredible gains, but be true to yourself!
You will NOT progress as quickly lifting at an Adonyx level if you truly should be lifting at a beginner level.
This Program Has Been Engineered to Advance Anyone's Body to The Adonyx Level

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