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Here’s what you’ll get in the Exposed Bad Boy Sex Secrets v3 Video, Audio & Transcripts training program:

Day 1
Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video One:
Inner & Outer Game
How to unblock and open YOUR Sexual Energy
not only helps with erections but can make her orgasm from across the room.
Your sexual energy is not a thought in your head, it’s an energy that literally moves in you, as you, through you, you can measure it on Steven Hawkins’s’ Scale of Consciousness. When you have shame, guilt or suppression of your truth in any manner, you cut off this energy and your ability to access your nobility and your Bad Boy. Practice wielding this energy supports longer erections and this energy can literally be sent toward her, like an invitation to open her into surrender. Many clients have been able to claim this Bad Boy sexual confidence to flow energy to turn their partners on to the point of orgasm without any physical touch. Let’s get you started or take your practice to the next dimension.
Day 2
Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video Two:
Advanced Moves & Communication
How to introduce and use adult toys to take her into bliss
Sometimes it’s her that’s timid and sometimes it’s you, let’s move through this
The truth is most women love the idea of a sex toy, being penetrated in more than one place at once, the act of total surrender into their partners guiding moves and leadership. And yet also many women have shame around their sexuality as being a bad girl, that kinky is bad or to be nice, not naughty. I teach you how to speak to women about all of their nature as a whole, so she feels honored, seen, valued and safe to explore area without judgment. When you can do this, being the Bad Boy who stays honoring of her, while expanding her expression, you will be nothing short of her hero
Day 3
Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio One:
Dark with Heart
She doesn’t want a jerk; she wants the Bad Boy in YOU
One bad boy sex technique to solve this problem is called DARK WITH HEART.

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