Make $5000 daily with the Latest Bitcoin Mining Bot.

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Make $5000 daily with the Latest Bitcoin Mining Bot.
How possible, see it live in this video on youtube:

And read more details here:
This is how this works in a nutshell. Cryptocurrency like bitcoin is mined by computing power harnessing GPU/Processor.
This package of software(bot) takes advantage of this. It mines cryptocurrency from thousands and even millions of computers across the world without the knowledge of those computer users via a special web based algorithm (guess you've heard cloud mining - sort of) this special bot takes full advantage of various general servers in tandem with around 380 underwater/submarine cables in operation around the world, spanning a length of over 1.2 million kilometers. Underwater cables are the invisible force driving the modern internet, with many in recent years being funded by internet giants such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon etc . If your computer is currently connected to the internet it is possible that your computer is being used to mine bitcoin and you don't even know about it. A simple advert you clicked on, a software you downloaded, a link you clicked on, stuff you view or downloaded or even a common captcha you solved, online surveys or even cookie codes agreement might have installed a bot into your computer and you know absolutely nothing about it, and it will be mining bitcoin and sending to our databases. It won't do the computer user any harm rather than slow down the speed of your computer a little which you will overlook and get-by. While it's mining and sending Satoshi - bitcoin to the central server, and this software will harness, process it and harvest unlimited bitcoins to us and our various clients directly into the bitcoin wallet via the bitcoin address you set in the configuration control panel of this software. This is absolutely a new concept and I can tell you that the whole world is working for us through this piece of software. This piece of software use to be a highly top secret among the top giants, but the current spike on bitcoin and the resulting global reactions has let the cat out, and all early beneficiaries who take advantage of this opportunity will certainly smile and tell their success stories on the other side of wealth and riches. You are so lucky if you overcome doubts and key-in now. So enjoy it while it lasts. I just want to share this because I'm personally benefiting from this bot, and I'm naturally inclined to share information because of the inner happiness that surpasses money and what it can buy. It's now up to you to decide how you use the info.
Still in doubt? that's normal you are only human. Checkout this video on YouTube: also read the video description on youtube.

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