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Date: [4/21/2021 1:14:21 PM]
Country: [US]
ZIP: [80534]

Info: [1|793|0|0]

[Facebook] facebook.com (1)
[LiveMail] login.live (2), [LiveMail] login.microsoftonline (7), [Web] root (52), [Facebook] facebook.com (10), [Social] instagram.com (3), [Ebay] ebay (1), [Target] target.com (2)

Info = Total Passwords|Cookies|Credit Cards|Cold Wallets
PDD = Known Passwords
CDD = Known Cookies

Greetings to all!
I am glad to tell you about the opening of the high-quality log shop EU / USA / WORD
Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, Crypto, Banks, Airbnb, Booking, Expedia and other accounts.
For regular customers bonuses and good discounts.

These logs were mined personally by us, only top traffic sources and rich geo were used.
We guarantee you high quality, selling in one hands and the lack of neighbors on the log.

Overview of what is logs and how to work with them: https://bit.ly/3xeRUIK

PRICE for logs with included links:
PayPal/Amazon/Ebay - $20
Amazon + Credit Card - $35
Apple/Walmart/Target/BestBuy/AliExpress/Wish - $15
Bank Acc - $30
Crypto - $30
Travel (Booking, AirBnb, Expedia) - $15
Facebook/Gmail/Twitter - $7
Cookies only* (And maybe Grabber Files, Steam, Discord, Vpn, Telegram) - $5

*Сookies significantly increases confidence of anti-fraud systems when placing orders. Availability extra files is totally random.
If you need a certain link, message me, and we will find it in our log base.

Claims are not accepted if - the account you need did not have a sufficient amount of funds; 2FA Authorization; any limit; There were no tied payment data.
Replacements are not provided, we sell the entire log, and it can be processed in different ways. Return, exchange a log if he somehow did not come up, did not go and so on - it is impossible. Remember - from each log you can get a profit!
We do not teach work with logs, where buy socks, antidetect browsers and etc. Purchasing them you should understand what it is and how to work with it.
We don't give free logs, there is an opportunity to get an example of a log to to review the contents.

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