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Item description

I have created a trading software which detects price inefficiencies and executes trades between two brokers:


Bittrex vs Poloniex

ZERO Risk trading!!!
People in the past have made millions doing this.

The software was split in two:
1. The arbitrage trading software which executes trades in BTC-USDT (default - can be changed)
2. The monitoring software which keeps track of 10 different pairs between the 2 exchanges.


Putting altogether would slow down the execution greatly and Arbitraging techniques are very time sensitive.
Also, (2) would help you direct your attention to the pairs which are the most inefficient.

I provide the code (Open source), so you have no problems adding your API Key or API Secret.
The Coding language is : R
I use R-Studio (Free software)

This is the first version of the trading software. It could contain small bugs which can be fixed in upcoming versions.
You can start with small volume to get used to the software.


Do I need to have coding skills to operate the software?
No. You just set the initial parameters and press Run.

What do I need?
Most likely, you will need a VPS to keep the software running. You can do it also with your home PC.

My API Keys/Secret will be in risk?
Not at all. I provide the code so you can review it for yourself.

Why just Bittrex and Poloniex?
The coding work is complex adding more exchanges, but I plan to release in future versions.

Do you charge a monthly fee?
Not at this time, but it's likely. This is a deal for the first-time buyers.

Do you guarantee results?
I guarantee the software works fine. The returns will greatly depend on the state of the market. More volatility, more likelihood that any arbitrage occurs.

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