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+ EASY $96/Day for SEVEN YEARS
19 Pages

Seven buyers bought this for $75 and were overjoyed! (see reviews below...they bought from me on a different site, HF).
Price discounted to $25 for Bitify.

Price SLASHED AGAIN for Corona.
Because we are living in an uncertain and very difficult time. I know this is not easy.
That's why I've decided to lower the investment 80% from original price until things are back to normal.

Snow White Method:

It could almost be called a system because I have combined two secret methods--each of which is worth the price of this guide--which work together synergistically; used together, the combination turns $4 into $40 or even $51 of food value ($51 - 92.15% = $4).

Earlier today I shared this with a trusted member on this site, and he said to me,

"tbh, i've seen ppl charge 10x that price for this method."

Maybe he was overstating things.

In my experience, I have not seen any limit on how many times this can be done in one day.
Because of the nature of this, it would seem there is virtually no limit. I've simply never tried to breach the roof because I use this personally for food and not profit.

"Hey, Buster.. what the blazes are you thinking!? Why are you releasing this method?"

Before I discovered this, I had been eating one meal a day--a box of generic macaroni and cheese.
After I had ironed out all the wrinkles in this method, I stopped eating sawdust and began to eat better food.
I began to eat more food.

I began to eat a lot.

The remarkable bit about this is that, even though I was eating three times as much food and four times better quality food, I wasn't paying much more...using this system, eating like a king works out to about $1.33 per day (that's doing the system once, given that the meal, being so large, lasts three days for me).

I was eating much better food and much more food. I was gaining weight. But I was happy.

Recently I returned from my family reunion, and more than one person (well.. nephews, but I think they were speaking the truth) had commenting on my fat belly. So, despite the ease with which I now can have delicious, prepared, piping hot meals delivered right to my door, I decided I'll try to restrain myself somewhat, while also offering this to others so that they can eat better food (or more food if they need...if you want, you can have one or two week's worth of McDonalds or Burger King or Wendys sent to you for ~$4).

"Can I make money with this?"

Yes, this can be used to make money.
I haven't done this personally but my friend is doing it. Details are in the guide.
Because I haven't tried it personally, it is a small part of the guide.
But I can tell you this much--it's simple and it does not require you to leave your home.

You hold this thing of great value, and you got it cheaper than anyone can comprehend. The only work ahead of you is listing it and selling it in a competition-free arena.

"Can this ever get saturated?"

I can't imagine a world where this would be saturated.
Except the part of it about money making, which I haven't tried.
The reason I say the money making part of it may be vulnerable to saturation is because you would be selling, and if 12 of you readers purchase this, you might be competing against one another if you sell on the same platform.
At this time, nobody is selling this on my favorite platform (including me).

The short answer is, No.
The food is plentiful.
Because of the nature of this,
it would not be saturated even if 100 people were actively doing it.

"How much time does this take?"

Less than 5 minutes for each $20 to $51 load.


Laptop or phone
Internet access
A CC or debit card
Reside in the USA or Canada (if you just want to use this to make easy money, then this is not a requirement, but then you will probably need a VPN)
An empty stomach

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