The Seduction Roadmap | Jon Sinn ($97)

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The Seduction Roadmap | Jon Sinn
Original Price: $97

This program functions as a systematic process for ensuring your interactions with the women you want lead to the bedroom.

The program consists of five multi-media training modules providing explanations of each component, examples, application strategies, homework assignments, and exercises.

Bonus items include:

- The Approach Masterclass
- A module on the Secrets to Dating Younger Women
- 78-minute training module exclusively on Same Night Lays
- How To Use The Seduction Roadmap To Turn A Friend Into A Lover
- How To Get 9s And 10s featuring Mack Tactics creator Dean Cortez
- A 30-day trial membership to the Seduction Roadmap Master’s Academy
- How To Use The Seduction Roadmap To Get Laid On Internet Site’s like Facebook, Tinder, Bumble, and OKcupid

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