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How to Sell In-Demand Freelance Services
For Immediate Profit With Zero Investment
and Doing No Work Yourself

(This course shows you exactly how to profit within hours)

~~~ Profit Hack Level: LUDICROUS SPEED ~~~

☆ These are the proprietary methods of quickly finding clients that are searching for services to be filled RIGHT NOW

☆ And then quickly finding providers begging to fill them for a fraction of what clients pay you.

☆ The premise is simple: get paid by the client, and pay less to the provider. You keep the difference.

☆ Many clients go on to become repeat clients, meaning you build your client base while getting paid.

Course content:
Module 1: Get Your Mind Right Value: $139.00
Module 2: ..But I don't have any skills!.. Value: $179.00
Module 3: The Most Overlooked Services Clients Need Value: $219.00
Module 4: Introduction to Services Arbitrage Value: $219.00
Module 5: ..Do I Need a Website?.. Value: $79.00
Module 6: Why Services Arbitrage Value: $199.00
Module 7: What Services to Offer... Value: $229.00
Module 8: Getting Clients from Craigslist Part 1 Value: $219.00
Module 9: Getting Clients from Craigslist Part 2 Value: $209.00
Module 10: Sneaky Technology to Reach Decision Makers Value: $299.00
Module 11: Get Clients Using the Ultimate Outreach Method Value: $279.00
Module 12: How to Get So Many Referrals You Will Have TOO MANY Clients Value: $299.00
Module 13: Hiring Freelancers For Your Agency Value: $199.00
BONUS 1: How I Landed a 6 Figure Client in Just Two Hours (Value: $399.00)
BONUS 2: Client SuperHero FB Ads Strategy (Value: $279.00)

Straight, to-the-point instructions
Everything you need. NOTHING you don't need
Complete, comprehensive step-by-step training guide.
Dive in, take guided action, profit

* * * Bonuses! * * *

BONUS 1: How I Landed a 6 Figure Client in Just Two Hours (Value: $399.00)

I almost left this section out. I wasn't planning to put it in...
It's the exact proposal and walk-through of the 2 hour meeting that landed me a 6 Figure Revenue Equity deal about a while ago.
The entire process - front to back - took, including creating the proposal was 1.5 days...around 12 of my personal man-hours.
And with that, I successfully grew our bottom line 6 figures with a hand shake and a signed agreement.
If you're serious about taking on BIG clients that NEED you to take their business to the next level...
Then you need this walk-through. It shows you the exact process...front to back. No BS.

BONUS 2: Client SuperHero FB Ads Strategy (Value: $279.00)

Turn your clients into the Gold Standard for their customers and get massive recurring commissions.
This underground method was accidentally revealed in a closed-door live training.
It started during the training and one of us slipped up and let out just enough of the cat out of the bag that we knew we had said too much.
So we ended up telling the entire that we've used for our most select clients to make them the platinum, no-brainer choice for their high paying customers.
This is true behind-the-scenes, velvet rope access mastermind material caught live and this is the only place you can get it.

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