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Make Women Want You | Jason Capital

In order to be the kind of guy that just hooks up with all kinds of women..
who attracts women at will..

To be the kind of guy every girl irresistibly wants to be with and get physical with…

To be that guy, there are certain beliefs that you will need to have, so that’s exactly where we’re going to start.

What you’ll start to realize in this first and pivotal chapter is that all the thoughts you have
and all the actions that you take, based on those thoughts, stem, from your belief system -- no
different than the tree that grows from a seed.

Your Belief System is literally responsible for all the decisions and actions you’ll make in life
-- when you’re grey and old, you’ll look back on your life and see how every action and decision
you made was based on your own personal Belief System.

It’s the core of your Earth.

So while later in Make Women Want You, I will be giving you all kinds of tactics and techniques
to say and do in order to really spike a woman’s attraction for you no matter how hot she is, or
how hot she thinks she is, we still want to kind of give you some beliefs that are going to work
overtime for you behind the scenes.

This is what some people would call the core of your “inner game.”
Guys who hook up with all kinds of girls..

Guys for who it seems like every girl is just attracted
to and is always having fun with..

Guys who make girls want to be around them all the time..
The guys that all the girls are chasing, and talking about and go to sleep thinking about..
What do all these guys have in common?

They have belief systems that differ from the guys that don’t get any girls, or who guys who get
into relationships but always end up getting broken up with and losing the girl.

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