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Jon Sinn – Secrets of 5 Minute Chemistry | [$39.95]

Very Practical System for Better Conversation and Deep Rapport with Women

It’s a solid beginner to advanced conversation skills course. It comes in three parts, covering how conversation and chemistry works in the first part, giving you conversation tools in the second part, and pulling it together for you to implement practically in the third part.
The role that good conversation skills play in meeting and attracting women is explained with details such as how they contribute to social dynamics, attracting women, ‘getting along’ with people and building deeper rapport.

This may sound like simple stuff, but most men will definitely take away a new perspective on making conversation and the larger role it plays in “the game.”

In this course, you are given the structure of ‘having chemistry’ with another person in a simple formula. Jon Sinn has done a good job of demystifying the essentials with the formula and keeping it uncluttered. By remembering a few points and putting a little effort into preparation, any guy would be able to put this into practice. It’s not complicated and does the job. That’s a good combination because it helps you get results easier.


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