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This is not one of those guide where you have to sit in front of your pc for hour's after a hard working day in office.

In the past, i have been selling prepaid on this site but, now, i think is better for me to REVEAL this secret to some of customer's so, that they can handle stuff like purchase of these card by themselves.

What to expect :
= A straight-forward point (with link's on how to place order for this prepaid yourself)
= The prepaid card is free + IBAN (useful for EU resident, those outside the eu can use paypal compatible vpn. i've included link to this as well.

However, those who will place their order within the next 7 days will the a good vpn which is compatible both on paypal & ebay platform. You can also use this vpn if, you intend to order multple bank prepaid card from the website which i'm going to reveal to you.

NOte : the basic requirement which you'll need in order to open a paypal/ebay account has been covered in this guide. So, there is no need of learning from own error & trial when you can get indepth information from someone who has been there.

This information's (trick,tweak, concept) uncover in this guide is great INVESTMENT for those who will like to get back on ebay/paypal. This is an update version - what is working me uptil date as of 11 nov 2019.

***The prepaid card work anonymously. meaning you can activate without providing PROOT of ID, compatible with any name,surname on existing paypal account if, you follow my instrction's except, those who choose to upload your copy of their ID's in order to enjoy the full features of these card. Howver, i have also provided this explaination on a flash on how to go about this


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