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Genesis Store is the biggest online underground market for stolen data, it is easy to use and allows users to select specific bots by searching for credentials from a specific website, or account, the victim’s country, operating system, and also the date the profile first appeared in the market.

More than 60,000 stolen profiles with accounts are offered for sale in the underground marketplace Genesis Store, it includes browser fingerprints, web site user logins and passwords, cookies, and credit card information. The seller is offering the stolen data at a price per profile that ranges from $2 to $200.

The Genesis Store provides users a special .crx plugin for Chromium-based browsers that allows them to install of stolen digital profiles with a single click.

After registration, you will be able to download plugin, or a browser with plugin pre-installed, which includes functions of anti-detection and fingerprint spoofing.

“The plugin allows installing stolen digital profiles into the cybercriminal’s own browser with a single mouse click for him to become a doppelganger of the victim.”
“After that the bad guy only needs to connect to a proxy server with an IP address from the victim’s location and he can bypass the anti-fraud systems’ verification mechanisms, pretending to be a legitimate user.”

An option implemented in Genesis Store allows customers to generate unique fingerprints, that could be used to enter stolen bank card information into online store forms. The use of unique browser fingerprints allows bypassing anti-fraud system.

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