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Forex Trading System Best mt4 Trend Strategy - Super Fx Agimat
Super Fx Agimat- Trade like a PRO
A winning manual Forex strategy that can beat any forex pair including Gold and Silver. You can find Super Fx Agimat in two versions; on a 5 minute version and the hourly versions. On the 5 minute time frame, you can use this forex trading system for the scalping purpose while the h1 timeframe will allow you to trade swings of the market.
Although there are many indicators in this forex trading system you don’t have to use all of them to make money using this forex trading system. Focusing on few of them can result very profitable trading. You can only use following indicators to make decisions using this trading system.
Swing break
Swing break indicator is the round numbered yellow circles on the main chart window. Inside a yellow circle you can see a number 3. This indicator indicates the swing break or when the swing changes. When this indicator forms, a swing starts and when the indicator forms again, the swing terminates.
This indicator consists of oscillator which moves in positive and negative territory. When this indicator is in positive territory, it’s a buying signal and when this indicator plunges to negative territory, it’s a sell signal.
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