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GOOD SANTA is an automated trading scalping system. All operations are automated. Minimum settings. Maximum capacity.

You do not need to reflect on the eternal question of how to set up an Expert Advisor. Run the EA on an account, and it will do the rest.

The Expert Advisor automatically adjusts to a selected currency pair.

In external variables, you can choose the lot or set auto-lot, as well as the trading level: EASY - MEDIUM - HARD.

Recommended trading account:
Recommended deposit LOW RISK of $ 1,000 with a minimum lot 0.01 3 currency pairs (eg EURUSD USDCHF USDJPY)
Recommended deposit MEDIUM RISK of $ 300 with minimal lot 0.01 on 1 currency pair (eg EURUSD)
Recommended deposit HIGH RISK of $ 100 with minimal lot 0.01 on 1 currency pair (eg EURUSD)
ECN PRO, Floating Spread, Leverage 1: 300 and above
How it works?
Buy our advisor;
Download to your terminal;
Set on the chart of any currency pair (for example EURUSD);
Turn on the Autotrade button and "Allow live trading";
Do not change the settings, Advisor is automatic!
You can adjust the level of complexity of the trading strategy "LevelTrade":
EASY — fewer trades, less drawdown, more accurate entry.
MEDIUM — optimal combination of entry accuracy and the number of trades.
HARD — many trades, risky drawdown, less accurate entry.
SlowquotesBroker — trade mode for brokers who provide a very slow rate of quotes (if the EA does not trade in the above 3 modes).
CRAZY — trade mode with a large number of trades.
Trading strategy — scalping with averaging elements, stop loss and trailing stop.
The number of trades per month — depending in your broker's quoting speed: from 10 to 10000.
Recommended conditions — floating spread.
Recommended deposit — minimal deposit per 0.01 lots is 100 USD, recommended — 1 000 USD.
Recommended currency pairs — any.
TF — does not matter.
Before you buy this EA, please download the demo version of the EA and run it on a demo or live account with the USDJPY currency pair. Check the system performance on your broker's server.
The EA works not on all brokers! It depends on the speed of quotes in the terminal. You can download the demo version.
A commission can eat up the whole profit. Zero spread is prohibited for the system.
The EA is tested on a floating spread. The system can work incorrectly on fixed spread!
The tester has a fixed spread. So, tester and real trading results may differ.
The EA operation is based on spread increase or decrease, as well as quote rate. Therefore, the results may be different at different brokers.
The EA uses averaging and stop loss. Averaging triggers in every 50 spreads from the previous position. Stop loss = 250 spreads.
This is a scalper EA: trades may be closed within the range of 1 - 8 888 888 888 pips.
The recommended deposit is $100 and higher, the minimum lot is 0.01. While testing the EA on your broker's server, make sure that your deposit can withstand the average annual symbol price movement.
Re-invest your funds, withdraw your profits in time and manage your money.
Forex is risky, so please, make sure to learn the basics before you start trading.
The EA is fully automated.
A small deposit leads to a huge drawdown.
Today's profits do not guarantee future ones. Forex is unpredictable.
While suffering a loss today, you may make a profit later.

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