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Disney Plus Access | Instant Delivery | Lifetime Account | Lifetime Warranty

The only listing on Bitify which you can have your own profile and use on four different devices!

Instant Delivery! You will get instantly message to your inbox with the account details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I only need to pay one time.
1. Yes. Just a one-time payment.

2. When will I receive my account?
2. Within an hour.

3. Can I modify the settings or credentials?
3. You can have your own profiles, share it with your familyfriends (As long as it's not more than four devices), however you are not allowed to change the account information.

4. What warranty is the one you offer?
4. 1-year warranty - I will replace if something happens, within 1 year from the date of purchase.

5. Why is the price so low?
5. We are selling abandon accounts that are already paid for a year + (avg is 2 years), that's the reason why you can change profiles and share with friends because NO ONE is using it beside you!

6. Can I use it from any country?
6. It was only made for the US, but you can use it if you connect to the account through a VPN.

7. How many devices can I use this on?
7. 4 Different Devices

8. Can I create a new profile?
8. Yes - You can!

- After the delivery check if it is working and release positive feedback to activate the warranty.


- Due to the nature of this item, returns are not accepted.

- If it stops working or doesn't work you will be given another one for free

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