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Daygame Immersion | Yad and Yosha
Original Price: $201

Day Game Immersion is a 7-day transformation program designed to help men improve their day game.
It is intended to help you develop the skills, confidence, and ability to choose and attract desirable women.

Offered as an online video training program called transformational transference technology, it provides important insights needed to maximize your understanding and drive automatic behavioral change.


"Best Program Ever on Daygame"

Daygame Immersion blows
all the other products out of the water.

I learned SO much more from this than from Daygame Blueprint.
They are both about the same size, in terms of videos (I think).

The difference is that in Daygame Blueprint
(and really, ALL other programs on daygame by this company and other companies),
you watch a master demonstrate perfect set after perfect set,
and/or you listen to the master explain the theory behind his mastery.

Daygame Immersion does NOT follow the above blueprint.

Instead, you watch 6 men, of varying experience with women and from different backgrounds,
start approaching women.
Then you sit on Yad's lap as he watches each of their videos,
and brutally rips them apart for everything they did wrong.

Why is this so instructive?
Because for the next 7 days,
you watch them progress from getting blown
out by girl after girl, rejected in various ways at various times in set,
and you see EXACTLY why the girl rejected him.

Yad will often say things like, "Rewind that! Did you see her cross her legs there?
I could've predicted was right after you teased her/argued with her."
or "Look she said she had to go because you asked 3 questions. You can get away with 1 question,
maybe 2. But once you ask her 3 questions, you're a gonner," or "Look what she's teaching you. You scared her, when you say, "Excuse me!" you sound like there's been a terrible accident, so of course she's on guard."

Non-stop wisdom from Yad.

This should be how pua products are done from now on.
Forget all the "This is what perfect game should be."
Instead, take guys, throw them out there, and correct their mistakes.

He also gives exercises that seem to be tailored for each guy,
but sometimes for the whole group, such as:
Today, the first bit she contributes, argue with it.
Today, you're allowed to speak only one sentence. After your one sentence, you shut up and look at her.
Today, say only positive things in your stories.

The above EXTREMELY SIMPLE exercises made dramatic improvements
in the guys' sets.

Delivered to your email within 12 hours (usually within the hour).

I have tons of workout programs, more than 700,000 ebooks, audiobooks, programs, seminars, courses, all kinds—exercise, making money online, investing, trading, magic, mentalism, textbooks, etc.

Browse my items on Bitify or let me know if you want something in particular!


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