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Clay Collins - Interactive Offer 2.0

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How would you like to make your next product a raving success before even spending one cent to build it? The Interactive Offer 2.0 is an educational course that shows you how to create products people want to buy before they're ever created!

Quick Start Program
In this module, you will learn about an incredibly successful case study. You'll then be able to apply these principles to help speed up your own time to market.
Videos Included:
- Laying the Foundation
- The Survey and Freebie
- Will We Get the Green Light?
- Pre-Selling Your Offer

Profit Planning
Learn how to create a specific and actionable blueprint for your interactive offer that delivers the results you want.
Videos Included:
- The Six Marketing "Rules"
- IO 2.0 Master Sequence
- How to Figure Out What to Sell
- Setting Your Targets

List-Building & The Warm Up Sequence
In this module, you'll discover strategies to build your list, along with conversational tactics that will get your audience addicted to interacting with you. We will also show you how to use all the tools inside Leadpages to make list-building much simpler.
Videos Included:
- Building Your List
- What is a Warm Up Sequence?
- Key Concepts to Remember
- The Warm Up Sequence

The Co-Creation Blueprint
The Co-Creation Blueprint module is all about using your vision as the fuel to co-create valuable products that are profitable before you create them. You'll learn how to decide what form your product should take (like a physical product, a membership site, a DVD, an online video series, a live seminar or training, software, a coaching program or a group coaching program).
Videos Included:
- Two Mindset Shifts
- The Co-Creation Blueprint
- Step 1: Personal Update
- Step 6: Promote a Free Thing

Engineering Your Presell
In this module, you'll discover the art and science of pre-selling in a way that your customers will love and thank you for. You'll get proven sales letters, emails, website copy and templated that you can modify to make your pre-sale a success! Finally, we will walk you through the final steps to execute your presell.
Videos Included:
- Testing the Market
- The Presell Pyramid and Prerequisites
- Product Pricing and Guarantees
- Delivering Your Product

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