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Do you want to keep your digital presence private? How about making sure your online movements stay that way too, and anonymous? (Yes, there's a big difference between the two)

The bottom line: The internet of today is a place full of tracking, spying, snooping and constant attempts at monitoring everything you visit, read, watch, buy and how long you spend anywhere. The result for those who do these things: a profile of your activities and personality that is more intimate than almost anything even your closest friends and family know about your life and even your most private interests.

The only way to avoid this much intrusion? Knowing what the real techniques and tools are that will actually let you turn yourself into a digital shadow that no hacker, corporation, government or any other random snooping intruder can trace or monitor.

The guides in this package offer the ultimate set of tools to do just that and more by delivering expert advice no staying private, safe and anonymous from just about anybody in both the digital and physical world. If you have anything at all to hide from anyone (and we all do), then these are the sincerely, absolutely essential up-to-date ebooks explain exactly what you need to know about keeping yourself safe.

Order now to get nearly immediate delivery to the email address of your choice. If you need practical, genuinely expert advice on staying anonymous, the tools in this package are the real thing.

How To Disappear, How to Disappear, Erase your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without A Trace
NSA Surveillance and What to Do About It
The Art of Invisibility
The Art of Deception
Playing Dead: The Art and Science of faking a death and how it's done

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