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Buy Amazon Web Services AWS $150 Coupons Codes For Sale.


Stackable - Yes / Maximum 2x Promotions Per AWS Account

- AWS credit codes work worldwide
- Stackable up to 2 AWS credit codes per account (up to $300 AWS credit)
- These AWS credit codes are stack-able with different events
- Event Name (Credit Name): EDU_ENG_FY2019_IC_Q3_9_AWSEDUCATE_150USD
- Expiration date: From 2019 to 2020.
- AWS credit codes will be delivered to you via Bitify messages and/or Email
- It covers services such as EC2, SQS, RDS,...

The list of services that can be used with this credit:
AWS CloudTrail
AWS Config
AWS Data Pipeline
AWS Data Transfer
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Key Management Service
AWS Lambda
AWS OpsWorks
AWS Storage Gateway
AWS Support (Basic)
Amazon AppStream
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon CloudSearch
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR)
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) - Virtual Private Server
Amazon Elastic File System
Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Amazon Elastic Transcoder
Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Amazon Glacier
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Lightsail
Amazon Machine Learning
Amazon RDS Service
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Route 53
Amazon Simple EDI
Amazon Simple Email Service
Amazon Simple Notification Service
Amazon Simple Queue Service
Amazon Simple Storage Service
Amazon SimpleDB
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

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