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✅Complex antivirus Avast Premium Security FOR 2 YEARS - an advanced version of Avast antivirus that includes additional features: firewall, protection from ransomware, privacy protection tools.
✅ GIFT VPN for 1 year.

✅ Advantages of Avast Premium Security
More security. The world's largest threat detection network, cloud-based artificial intelligence and lightning fast behavior analysis distinguish our antivirus from all others.
More privacy. Block spyware attempts to gain access to tax, medical and other confidential documentation. Preventing surveillance through a webcam from unnecessarily curious people.
Better titled version. Avast, a free antivirus, received the Product of the Year Award from AV-Comparatives Lab. Avast Premium Security offers the same superior level of protection, complementing it with a host of useful features.

✅ Key features of Avast Premium Security
Antivirus. Intelligent detection and blocking of viruses, ransomware, spyware, trojans and other malicious programs in real time
Intelligent Scan. One scan allows you to identify any problems: from hidden malware and browser-related threats to outdated software and other vulnerabilities
Behavior analysis. Detect suspicious behavior of protection against instant threats and ransomware
CyberCapture Analysis of unknown and potentially malicious files in the cloud and the creation of remedies for all Avast users, if they are a threat
Firewall. Advanced control of your PC's incoming and outgoing data (unlike the basic Windows firewall)
Protection against ransomware. Blocking the modification, deletion or encryption of personal photos and files by unreliable applications and ransomware
Genuine sites. Protection against fake sites created to steal credit card numbers, bank data and passwords.

Network analysis. Automatically detect weak spots in your home Wi-Fi network (or wired network) to protect against hacking
Webcam protection. Prevention of surveillance by untrustworthy applications and unnecessarily curious people through the computer's webcam
Protection of confidential data. Block Spyware Attempts to Access Tax, Medical, and Other Confidential Documents
Data destruction. Permanent deletion of any files, allowing you to borrow, sell or discard your computer without compromising privacy.
Bonus key gift may not be activated.
✅Use of use
Disaster Recovery Disk. Creation of a bootable version of the Avast scanner on a CD-ROM or USB-drive, which allows you to restore a computer whose startup is prevented by infection
Do Not Disturb Notification lock, which allows you to seamlessly view videos, play and work with presentations in full screen
Automatic software updates. Improving performance and enhancing the security of critical software with automatic updates.

Additional Information:
How to activate:
1. Open Avast.
2. Click on the Menu-My licenses-Enter a valid activation code.
OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 32/64-bit
Interface languages: Multi / Russian
After payment, you will receive an official personal activation code in the format xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx
You can activate the license in ANY REGION (REGION FREE)

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