2x Netflix Accounts HD/UHD ★ Lifetime Warranty

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2x Netflix Accounts HD/UHD ★ Auto Delivery & Lifetime WARRANTY!

The listing is for 2 accounts just in case one of them doesn't work. Try the first one and if it works please do not login to the second to see if it works or not because that way you can lock them both. Try the second account only if the first doesn't work. Message me for replacement only if both accounts are not working.

If the account is in different language just change it when you watch but return the original language after you've finished watching.

If you want account lets say from France, Germany, Spain include this as Buyer notes and if I have such accounts I will send you.

Some simple rules to prevent your account from locking.
Do not use vpn or proxies!
If you buy more accounts do not check them all.
Dont make new profile!
Not sure about last, depend on owner of account (Watch in kids profile!).

If your account is not working or stops working PM me and we will work it out.

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