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2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 | 2GTS
19 Videos

Video program with coaching from porn star girls Monique, Gracie, Lexie and Adriana.
2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 comprises 7 unique programs, each designed to give you mastery of a different part of the sexual experience.

You are about to discover secrets most men will never know about how to give a woman intense body-shaking orgasms.
I am talking about the kind of orgasms that make her scream your name and squirt all over your bedsheet as she swears you are the BEST.

Video Modules Include:
– A Bi-Girl’s Guide To The Female Body
– Foreplay Techniques That Get You Sex
– Sex Secrets Men Don’t Know
– Sex Positions For Guaranteed Orgasms
– Multiple Orgasm Methods
– Animalistic Orgasms
– Her Best Lover Ever
– The Stamina Solution
Bonus Items:
– Secret Sexual Signals
– Casanova Kissing Secrets


"is awesome"

After buying Extreme Female Orgasms in March 2011... I just new that when 2 GTS 2.0 come out I needed to purchase it .. and I did in July 2011. I now love giving women the pleasure they crave

The woman I have had sex with since following techniques in this program have had "the most intense" orgasms ever and one woman has said that It's the best sex ever. As result my sexual relationship over the past year have been more
fulfilling than when I was married. After divorce I needed to get back out there.

2 GTS 2.0 was by far the best investment ever. I have learn how to make girls squirt and they love it. Also I am better at giving pleasure..and giving lots of it. I noticed the more I gave the better the sex was :).. and my confidence and self esteem sky-rocketed.

Seriously, I can not thank you enough" -Pete


"Talk About a Great Product

I recently discovered a series of videos that have made me into a sex god and now I want to share it with you my friends as well.
The program is called 2 Girls Teach Sex and it will completely change your life.

I'm talking about making your girl have real orgasms, multiple orgasms, and having her completely mindfucked and physically indulged by you.

You can have her completely devoted to you and willing to do almost anything you want to try out on her or with her and a friend of hers.
She will be bragging about you to her friends which will make them naturally curious.
No more wondering if she's faking it or really into what you are doing to her.
She'll be begging you to fuck her all the time and she'll be so wet you will think shes gushing.
Be the sex god you've always dreamed about and check this program out now." -hm


"Unbelievably amazing

Hey guys, I would recommend 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 because it provides a thorough seminar and demonstration of foreplay, sex, and how to be a woman's best lover. Nothing can make a woman addicted more quickly than learning from 2GTS." -Sidewinder


"changed my life

Holy smokes guys!!! Recently i have not left my bedroom.
My girlfriend can't get enough of me.
I mean seriously i only had time to type this because she's sleep right now, and i owe it all to 2 girls teach sex.
Its an amazing video program that teaches you everything you need to know to get your women's juices flowing and blow her mind every Time. There are even videos on how to last longer that have obviously helped me out and a awesome "how to make your girl squirt" video if you really want her to fawn over you so check it out i promise you..will..love..it!" -tony

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