Provide China Alipay corporate account. Limit the amoun

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Provide China Alipay corporate account. There is no limit for each month.
Alipay corporate account with a corporate purchasing account.
Alipay enterprise account, the monthly transaction amount, it is recommended to be within 3000000RMB. Trading tax is 0.2%, 6000RMB.
Alipay enterprise accounts, you can set up API to connect to various types of websites abroad. You can use the Alipay corporate account for collections and you can avoid the tax authorities in your country.
You can entrust me to convert the RMB funds in Alipay's corporate account into US dollars. I will send US dollars from the Bank of Hong Kong to all the banks in your country.
Alipay corporate account, you can apply for Chinese stores at, you need to pay an additional 30,000RMB fee, you can use the Chinese store to provide various services to the Chinese, or provide foreign goods for sale. Even if your goods are illegally obtained.
Selling goods in China, the tax rate will generally not exceed 2%

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