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Item description

Very Rare 1st Series 2013 Buyer Funded Lealana

These Coins will sell fast. When their gone their gone. This auction is for a rare unfunded 2013 Lealana. I will provide you with the full Bitcoin address related to the coin so that you may fund it yourself. These are from the "Buyer Funded" series 1 (green address) created in 2013 in brass. This is a rare unloaded 2013 Lealana Bitcoin from Hawaii. Anyone interested in the Cryptocurrency that is taking over the world will appreciate a Lealana coin. Each coin States "Buyer Funded" meaning that the buyer of the coin is the person who should load it with .10 BTC. Originally known as Lealana Litecoin. In 2011 Noah Luis, shortly after starting Lealana surprised his customers with Bitcoin production in both brass and silver. His artwork was stunning everyone loved his designs. Lealana Bitcoin had earned its place in Crypto history. However the Feds put pressure on the early coin creators and accused them of creating currency. Lealana found a loophole by creating "Buyer Funded" coins. This means the coin was not loaded by the creator. FYI whenever you see" Buyer Funded" stamped on a coin here's what you need to know. 1st the coin was produced as an empty, unfunded holo to comply with the Feds, also it was made in USA or exported here to sell and second the coin was made in 2013 or later. Be careful buying loaded buyer funded coins. Always get the public address & check for yourself before you pay a penny. Not all manufacturers are equal many of the coins today are not built like Casacisus, Lealana or Titan. They No longer use the same safeguards. This is especially true when it comes to their hologram designs. If you peel the hologram off a Lealana a honeycomb pattern is left over the entire coin and a hologram itself becomes distorted. There is no mistaking a used Lealana. Where as some of the coins made now show no sign of peeling until you get right to the private key or QR code. These 2013 series 1 Lealana are part of a limited edition. If you choose you could load the coin yourself with .10 of Bitcoin, that is what it's designed for and face value is ".10 BTC". Lealana Coins are beautifully designed and completely tamper resistant. They were one of the 1st physicals made in the USA & still one of the best. A great investment by any standard. It is perfectly legal for you to buy these coins and load them yourself. A service also exists to load "Buyer Funded" coins. Information is available upon request. These Lealana's are trully a rare & beautiful find on eBay. On the reverse side there is a hologram with and public address used to load the coin. Through a small window in the hologram you can see the first bits of the public address that corresponds with your coin. After the purchase I will send you the full public address that matches your coin. That is the address that is used to load or fund the coin. Underneath the hologram is a private key that can b entered in to a wallet that allows you to import addresses, AKA sweeping the address. This would only be done to take the Bitcoin off of the physical coin. However this will ruin the coin, it's value will be gone forever and for that reason it's always better to keep a loaded coin loaded. Please ask any questions I am more then happy to answer. Unfortunately bad business deal between me and my partner forced me to close my old account. I started mining Bitcoin in early 2012 and it's been my life & lively Hood since. I have a degree in business and app design and currently work as a broker day trading Alt Coins. I am a great teacher with a ton of knowledge & passion for Crypto. I am only selling these coins to fund the launch of my own unique physical Bitcoin and Alt-coin. I had scheduled the launch for August however health problems & unexpected costs delayed it. I am currently taking on investors who are interested in becoming a part of Bitcoin history. Message me if you are interested. I am more than happy to answer any question related to bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. Just to be clear the coin you receive will NOT be the exact coin in the pictures. It will have a different serial number than the one pictured. Other than that it will be identical and in great condition. However previously I sold Series 2, these coins now are series 1, 2013, brass, Buyer Funded with a green address.

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