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Gain insights into Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency and a powerful technology, to optimize your Bitcoin mining techniques.

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Sample chapter:
Chapter 1: Bitcoin Wallets and Mining Software 1
Bitcoin wallets 1
What is a Bitcoin wallet? 2
Why do we need Bitcoin wallets? 2
Types of wallets 3
Software wallets 3
Hardware wallets 12
Full wallet versus thin client 13
Hosted wallets 13
Wallet security 14
Mining software 14
The need for mining software 14
What does mining software do? 15
Which mining software to choose? 15
Summary 23
Chapter 2: CPU Mining 25
Mining with Bitcoin Core 25
Mining software 29
Let's start mining 31
Pros and cons of mining 32
Pros of mining 32
Cons of mining 32
Best practices when mining with CPUs 33
Profitability of mining 34
Summary 35

Above is the First chapter's topics, This eBook has 8 chapters and 130 pages in total.
An indepth analysis on Bitcoin

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