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Our telegram support : @onlineshop50050 (Dm if you have any issues of our product )

What is Botnet and why is it classified as the best?

Welcome to the Botnet Course, the most comprehensive and beginner-friendly course on botnets available online. If you’re looking to gain knowledge and expertise in the fascinating world of botnets, then you’re in the right place.

The video above explains what Botnet is and it’s the first video inside the course that you will see after enrolling which talks about the Overview and what the whole course is about.

The course is beginner friendly and everything is explained STEP BY STEP. Meaning, if you are a complete noob and doesn’t know anything about Botnet, you will call yourself expert after enrolling.


Topics to be Covered (A few of Them)

💧How to stay 100% anonymous

💧How to setup good OPSEC for your Security.

💧How to build your payload (We will cover stealer & Rat)

💧Crypting to get FUD & Bypass Antivirus.

💧Advanced Spreading methods to get victims

💧How to import cookies & bypass 2FA to easily log into victims accounts

💧MS Doc exploit

💧Email Spreading

And more…

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a complete newbie when it comes to Botnet, will it work for me?

100% 😎 I made the course beginner friendly and explain everything step by step.

Will you provide tools after enrolling?

Yes! Needed Tools will be provided.

‼️But note that there are certain tools that are used individually. For those tools, you need to purchase yourself.

What makes this course unique to even invest my money?

It’s unique because it’s not a course where you will be reading pdf and text 😒. Everything is video. You’re being taught as a creche student 😂

Is getting results guaranteed?

It’s easy to get results with botnet because it comes with so many ways of spreading. Results are guaranteed if and only if you put in the effort without being lazy to take action.

How long is it going to take to end the course?

Botnet is broad. Very broad. So I can’t guarantee you a specific time to complete the course. In fact I have only covered 60% of it. The remaining 40% will be updated from time to time. So I can’t guarantee you the exact completion time.

🔥 In this course I teach you Botnet From Scratch To Advanced.

Our telegram support : @onlineshop50050 (Dm if you have any issues of our product )

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