I Will Research Anything In 24 Hours

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I Will Research Anything In 24 Hours

My background is in investigative reporting, specializing in data-based research and public records. I worked full-time for a news site, producing original investigative pieces on a daily basis. I later continued to do this on a weekly basis with more in-depth reports.

Translation: I am a professional researcher who is trained to be fast and versatile.

As a reporter, my stories took me everywhere, from government, finance, and business to health care, higher education, and criminal justice.

That means I can research and write a summary of any topic you might need.

Want full demographic data on that community where you are thinking of opening up a business?
Want to compare tax rates between towns?
Want to develop a profile of your target customer base?
Want an exhaustive profile of your top business competitors?
Want to find out which states are the biggest coffee drinkers?
Want to find out where most Russian immigrants relocate?

These topics - and many more - are the kinds of things I could research for you.

What do you want do research?

I will provide a basic synopsis of the research topic.
Words Included : 1000
Revisions: 0
Delivery Time: 1 day

This is an in-depth look at the research topic, focusing on the client's specific areas of interest.
Words Included : 2000
Revisions: 1
Delivery Time: 4 day

This is an exhaustive look, examining the topic from multiple angles and covering all major facets.
Words Included : 3000
Revisions: 2
Delivery Time: 7 day


What makes me a Research seller?
My background as a news reporter, including three years as a newspaper reporter and five as an investigative reporter. I also studied journalism in college and have taken a number of professional development courses in writing.

What kind of a summary do I write?
At the conclusion of my research I will produce a written summary of my research results in clear note form, including a list of the key sources.

What is the difference between the packages?
The Background is just a quick stab at the topic. It's what I can find quickly within 24 hours. The Intensive Sweep is just a more intensive version of that, focusing on specific areas you want me to look at. The Exhaustive Report pulls together as much as I can possibly find on the topic.

Will you do research for political candidates or campaigns?
I will consider these clients on a case-by-case basis. Message me to find out more!

Do I do research for students?
As a general rule no. However, I will showing you how to do research. If you are interested in this I will generate a custom offer for you. Details will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

How do I do my research?
I will examine publicly available databases and records. In some cases I might have access to nonpublic databases as well. It depends on the topic being researched. Surveys, statistical analyses, or economic modeling, however, are beyond what I am offering here.

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