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get instant personal warehouse at USA, CHINA, UK where you can personally shipp your product of any quantity to free of charge, for 14 days and then decide when to ship them to your door step at a very discount price
features of this service
* free UK USA and CHINA warehouse.
* free unique personal address that is dedicated to you only in any of those countries.
* free storage of goods and products in your warehouse for good 14 days
* instant notification sent to your phone once any product is recieved in your warehouse for you worldwide.
* access to our dedicated agents to buy on your behalf in any of those countries.
* fully registered personal id number for your genuine unique warehouse.
* your warehouse in china can receive any product for you from any factory and store for you free of charge.
* you will get about 60% discount for shipping your products to your door steps when you wish.
and many more
Requirement: you will send me your country,address phone number and name for your instant registration upon order.

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