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Some customers don't release the escrow and it keeps holding for 30 days, usually I have more than $20 in escrow, then I'm gonna offer an item of same or lower value than the one you buy if you release the escrow and leave a positive feedback within 48 hours after your order. You can choose any other item for free.

With this listing I will show you a wonderful website based in an European country where you can get a 100 % legal debit prepaid physical Mastercard, which you can use for converting your Bitcoins, and other CRYPTOCURRENCIES, INTO CASH ON ANY ATM WORLDWIDE. ALSO FOR ONLINE SHOPPING AND PHYSICAL STORES.

-You can buy the Mastercard debit prepaid on this website for only 24 USD, and the physical card with its instructions will be shipped to the adress you want, with free priority shipping worldwide. Is not necessary.a bank account.
The card displays no name, below the expiration date you can read "NO ID REQUIRED"

The website shows the limits in other currency, but I'm gonna explain it with the equivalent in USD, and actually some amount is a little bit larger and some amount a little bit lower, because otherwise you might google this info and abuse my good faith without buying this listing. Great info sometimes is not for free my friends, I'm sorry :-) You can see also on the deepweb that very interesting info is sold, not given for free. But this Mastercard and the company which sells it is completely legal,
then I can sold this listing here on the clearnet. I have to hide some data to avoid giving this info for free,
but you can ask me with PM. Actually if you are earning cryptocurrencies and you need an easy way to convert it into cash
on any ATM in the world, 9 $ is very little money, cause you will get great benefits if you buy this listing.

-In the same website you can send your cryptocurrencies to convert them into cash, it takes about 30 minutes, like any
other bitcoin transaction, and your card will be ready for going to any ATM AND WITHDRAW CASH.

-The cost of the card is cheap, about 24 USD, worldwide shipping included. They send the card to your adress with regular mail, you don't need to sign. The comission for withdrawal in ATM is always the same, 1.70 $, it doesn't matter if you withdraw 20 $ or 400 $ .The comission for topping up the card is 3 % of the amount.
The comission for maintenance the card is only 2 USD every 3 months if you have money on it,
but no charge if it is has no balance
-YOU HAVE ONLINE BANKING! Once you get the letter with the card, you have to activate both the card and online banking to see your balance, transactions, etc... You have to send a SMS to a movil phone of an European country with the last 12 digits of your Mastercard. Then your card will be ready to use. You will get in the letter also the instructions to log in into your online banking. It's very easy, you sign up with the info of your card and you choose a password.
-When you send the SMS to activate your card, you get back in your phone a SMS with the PIN to use your card on any ATM and any shop in the whole world.

There are 3 levels of limits to top up this card depending of the data you register.
In any case the card is valid for around 3-4 years.

LEVEL 1: no data at all, you can top up maximum 330 USD. You can't pass that amount. Don't need online register.
In level 1 you can spend your money shopping online or in physical stores worldwide, in this level is not possible to use the card in an ATM, but forget this level because it's VERY VERY EASY TO PASS TO LEVEL 2, WHICH IS WAY BETTER.

LEVEL 2: Here you can withdraw your money from any ATM IN THE WORLD, WITH REAL CASH AND CONVERTED TO ANY CURRENCY. You can top up about 3300 USD yearly. And it's very easy, you just need to enter some basic info in the website like name, adress, date of birth, email... BUT THE WEBSITE DON'T VERIFY IF IT IS REAL INFO OR IT IS FAKE. :-) GUARANTEED, BECAUSE I HAVE DONE IT WITH FAKE INFO.
In this level you can withdraw up to 700 USD per day on any ATM,
and you can top up several times in the same day, loading more than 700 USD.
You can spend all the balance in 1 day, 3300 USD shopping online or in physical stores.

LEVEL 3: You can top up around 20.000 USD yearly. But you need to send them by email or by uploading in the website 2 documents. 1 for "your" identity and 1 for "your" adress. You can send different documents for both things, for example a copy of "your" national ID to verify "your" identity, and for example you can send a bill to verify "your" adress. Or a driving license is also accepted for adress verification. They accept some other documents.
Have to be the same data that you input in level 2.
With level 3 you can withdraw up to 700 USD per day on any ATM, loading up to 4500 USD daily, and spending in 1 day up to 9000 USD of your balance shopping online and on physical stores.

The website is in several languages. Upgrading the card to level 2 and 3 supposedly is only available to European citizens,
but they ship it worldwide. So if you are outside Europe and want to upgrade the card, you only need a drop to get the letter in Europe, and a European SIM that you can get for example on or a European void number that you can get online to activate the card and the online banking if you want to see your transactions, balance...
It's very easy to upgrade the card for European people and is also easy for people living outside of Europe.

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