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How to use:
- Use in-store.
- Enter the codes to any of Stocard or Gift or Pocketzee apps.
- Cashier will type or scan them.
- You can check the purchased cards balance ONLY IN STORE

- Only Code no pin because these gift cards are old and doesn't require pin during checkout
- Delivery: Instant
- 2 week Guaranteed.
- you'll receive 2*$25

- If you release the escrow in 48 hours you get extra cards for FREE ( if you bought $100 gc worth ) .

- Contact me for other balances.
- Contact me if you need bulk.

- If you have any issues use this technique: Have them complete your order before telling them you have a gift card. If you call ahead and ask "do you accept e-gift cards?" they may just say "no" because they don't understand what you are referring to. At the register, give them the printout or show them the card number and pin on your phone, tell them to enter it just like a physical gift card if they don't immediately seem to know how to use it. If they claim it's not accepted, politely ask for the manager. If the manager says it's not accepted, look at the manager's name tag, call him/her by name and tell them they will either run the gift card or you will get in touch with the general manger, franchise owner and Panda Express customer relations and let them know this location and this manager refuses to accept valid gift cards because they are too lazy to enter them in. In nearly every case this should work and you shouldn't have to even threaten to report them. But if not, you'll have the satisfaction of helping Panda Express identify and possibly re-train an incompetent manager.

Feel free to ask questions.

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